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Saat buka puasa tiba bukan melulu soal makanan utama atau masakan buka puasa yang dicari. Namun menu takjil untuk buka puasa juga menjadi salah satu menu yang banyak di buru banyak orang. Setelah seharian berpuasa memang paling asik menyantap menu takjil buka puasa favorit. Yang nantinya di lanjut menyantap menu makan utama yang sudah tersaji di meja makan.

The third installment of our wedding tutorial is finally here, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be over the moon loving it! For this set, we wanted to have a more glam feel with a twist of romance–think pretty blooms with hints of black and gold. Something perfect for a garden wedding, perhaps? So here it is, folks! Let us show you how to pull off a romantic glam wedding! 

Getting married is a remarkable experience in anyone’s life, regardless of that person’s nationality. It is a day of utmost importance to any couple, and that is why the celebration must be regarded and approached in the same way.

If you’re looking for a catering service for a corporate event, the professionalism, efficiency, and taste are the most important components that a caterer must have. Corporate events are where people of significance gather, you don’t want to ruin the reputation of your company by serving sub-par food at a high-end event.

In recent years, the norms for corporate events have shifted from serious and professional to a more casual style. As the years go by, more and more people are being turned off from the idea of being too “corporate,” and the black suit look has been associated with many a negative thing. Also, the newer generations care more about performance and comfort than dress codes and seniority.

From all of these reasons combined, you can understand why most catering services have turned more towards comfort foods and family-style dishes rather than the traditional finger foods. The main question is what exactly a great corporate catering service is, which is what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Food trucks are serving up something fresh, local, authentic, hip, convenient and hot—all in one quick and tasty dining experience. And it’s not just a fad. The food truck industry has been growing for years into the viable market segment that it is today.

Even FW office catering has many food truck owner-operated partners that we deliver to modern offices across North America. For example, in Vancouver alone, Foodee brings delicious local eats from Bandidas Food Truck, Chickpea, Holi Masala Food Truck, Superbaba Food Truck and Tacofino Food Truck (which is exclusive to Foodee only) right to modern offices for lunches, dinners, meetings, you name it.

Working with First Catering is more than just a summer job, it is a great opportunity for new experience, meeting new friends and building lasting memories. Many of our staff come back year after year and gain great experiences along the way plus learn how to handle greater challenges and responsibilities. Many of our staff start in junior positions and over the years end up filling some of our senior positions.

Wedding planner, wedding organizer atau Panitia keluarga ? Pertanyaan mengenai perlukah menggunakan bantuan jasa wedding organizer atau mengandalkan panitia keluarga saja selalu menjadi pertanyaan setiap Calon mempelai maupun keluarga yang mau melaksanakan acara pernikahan. Perlukah kita menggunakan jasa wedding organizer untuk merencanakan pernikahan? Atau kah panitia dari keluarga saja cukup? Dan apa sih bedanya wedding planner dan wedding organizer?

Good thing, wedding organizers exists! Wedding organizers are making dreams come true and help couples start their journey as Mr. and Mrs. right from their very first day. Although your presence brings assurance of orderly and seamless weddings, there will still be days when the bride-to-be’s mood is not so glamorous. Nonetheless, here’s a list of the ten ways you can make the year-long journey of organizing the bride-to-be’s wedding less stressful.

Are you planning an outdoor wedding or event in Jakarta, Bekasi There are numerous benefits associated with hosting your special occasion outside. Keep the following benefits in mind as you decide whether or not an outdoor venue is right for you!

Catering Bekasi has been Bekasi's premier caterer for over 30 years. Our bespoke catering plans such as corporate catering offer special menus for any occasion in different sizes. Whether you are planning a corporate event, meeting or a private function where you need to impress clients, you can count on Catering Bekasi to provide the perfect menu for your event needs.